Video Tour of New Works from Super A, Manuel Zamudio, and Kyle Bryant

Thinkspace is pleased to present SUPER A’s ‘Apostasy’, Manuel Zamudio’s ‘Sunsets In The Apocalypse’, and Kyle Bryant’s ‘Out of Many, One’.

December 12, 2020 – January 2, 2021

SUPER A –  ‘Apostasy

Inspiration behind the exhibition: Before I started this series called “Trapped” one of the returning subjects that always inspires me is contradiction. Two opposites that create an interesting tension.

I wanted to show two worlds in one piece. I came up with some ideas to get it done but all too complex.

While writing down some ideas about the fake world that surrounds us I tried to literally wrap a cartoon version around the real version. And link it to daily life where people are comfortable with wearing a mask so we don’t have to show who we really are. Interesting how for example we worship cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse but when we see a real mouse we jump on our chair and start screaming.

From there the Trapped series was born. For me it came at the right moment as I was always telling one story in one painting, and then immediately move on to the next which was always pretty exhausting and I found I got a bit tired of constantly digging into all the things that somehow frustrated me to come up with new concepts

So for now it’s quite enjoyable to focus on this theme and slowly develop new ideas

Manuel Zamudio – ‘Sunsets In The Apocalypse

Inspiration behind the exhibition: Ever since I was a child I was very interested in the apocalypse, sci-fi, comics, and those kinds of things. In the last couple of years, I started getting into cinematography and trying to understand films a little bit more visually. So when I wanted to start changing the kind of work I was doing, transitioning from graffiti characters to more of a realistic body of work, I decided to use my love of film and my love of apocalyptic storytelling as inspiration. Then once the pandemic hit, I feel my work took much of a darker turn as far as the apocalyptic scenery. Like the classic line goes “does art imitates life?” here, life imitates art.

Kyle Bryant – ‘Out of Many, One

Inspiration behind the exhibition: I’ve always been obsessed with birds in places that they don’t belong. There’s something that gives me great joy about a bird flying around in a bus station or airport. One night I had a dream that I was waiting for a plane and was literally a part of the flock. That’s when I decided to do a huge amount of birds.

The project itself has two meanings. On a personal level it’s about growth and development. Like many people in this world, I’ve had my struggles. I ran from those struggles with alcohol as my running mate and eventually became a person I didn’t even recognize. Through getting sober I have learned that what’s important is me, and my mental health. The idea of using many birds to create one image is a metaphor for all of the little things that need to be in place to have a life worth living, to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

The broader meaning for this project is about finding common ground amongst each other in society. Far too often we are divided by our differences. We have all of the little subsets of society fighting with their opposing subset over the little details and they miss the big picture, that we’re all just pawns in this game and actually have very little control over anything. I believe if we put our egos aside, focus on our similarities rather than our differences, we will be able to come together as a human race to solve the problems that face us and future generations.

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