Video Tour & Opening Reception Party of Yasuhito Kawasaki’s ‘Hello Bear-Chan!,’ ‘Into The Wild’ Group Show, Noritoshi Mitsuuchi’s ‘Phenomenon,’ and Caroline Liu’s ‘Stages of Grief’ at Thinkspace Projects

Thank you so much to everyone that came out and helped us celebrate the opening of our February 2023 exhibitions this past Saturday. Big congrats to all of this month’s artists and much love to all that helped bring our courtyard to life with amazing art and good energy all evening long!

In Gallery I, Thinkspace Projects is thrilled to present Yasuhito Kawasaki’s debut North American solo exhibition entitled ‘Hello Bear-Chan!’. Deftly working with both paintings and ceramics, Kawasaki is experiencing a meteoric rise with collectors around the world. Using a casting technique he has honed over years of work, he is known for his trademark sculptures of innocent looking children. While the visuals vary, each is a self-portrait, drawing on some element of himself. @yasuhitokawasaki

In Gallery III, Thinkspace Projects is pleased to present ‘Phenomenon’, the debut west coast U.S. solo exhibition of from Japanese artist Noritoshi Mitsuuchi. Resembling children’s drawings, or, perhaps more accurately, an adult’s interpretation of a child’s imagination, Mitsuuchi taps into the aspects of youth that often fall away with the responsibilities of adulthood. Drawing heavily on the inspiration of pop culture and ancient art, Mitsuuchi creates work reminiscent of Japanese folklore and European fairy tales. @noritoshimitsuuchi

“I create art that stimulates the viewer’s memory and #imagination by focusing on beauty that may be subtle, yet surely exists in the vast history of art.”

Gallery IV features Caroline Liu’s ‘Stages of Grief’. The painter, muralist, and fiber artist uses her work to explore and hold onto her personal memories following a severe concussion that left her short term memory damaged. Her work is the result of a therapeutic practice, allowing her to explore and preserve her own identity. Cultivating a mixture of happy and sad moments, fear, comfort, and intimacy, she crafts overtly saturated narratives. This show in particular deals with grief and loss, serving as a visual journal to share feelings of confusion and love lost. @catsandart

In collaboration with City of Talents, Thinkspace Projects presents ‘Into the Wild’ in Gallery II. The group exhibition is curated by Jean Claude Geraud, the founder of City of Talents, Toulouse, a contemporary and urban art agency. Featuring new works from Clémentine Bal, Humbly, Diren Lee, Jade Kim, Kwang Hyun Kim, Mackcha, Keigo Nakamura, and Byun Sehee, the group exhibition unites the works of artists from all around the world. Full of childhood memories, nostalgia, vivid colors, and forgotten worlds, the artists compliment and juxtapose each other in pursuit of a complete experience.

From Bal’s whimsical sculpted characters to Nakamura’s existentialist paintings, the show is full of diverse representations of innocence and youth.

Shout outs to Quiralta, Goopmassta, The Roll N’ Bunn, Venice Beats, Digital Debris Video Gallery plus all of this month’s exhibiting artists, everyone that rocked Goop’s Mini Mart, Sweet Life and Kabob Senpai, our family & everyone that helped to make this a night to remember.

All four exhibits remain on view until February 25. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 12-6pm. Viewing Rooms for each show are now live on our website.

Thinkspace Projects
4207 W. Jefferson Blvd.
4217 W. Jefferson Blvd.
LA, CA 90016

Video + photos courtesy @birdmanphotos

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