Virtual Tour of August Exhibitions at Thinkspace Projects | Exhibitions on view August 5 – August 26, 2023

Thinkspace presents a virtual tour of Uncharted Paths debuting as his first U.S. solo exhibition by MARK JEFFREY SANTOS (aka Mr. S) showing in Gallery I and CLEMENTINE BAL brings her new sculpture collection Magic Friends’ showing in Gallery II. Along with JAMIAH CALVIN (aka MIAH THE CREATOR) bringsReganomics, Cocaine ’80s and the ’90s Re-Up’ in Gallery III, and WILEY WALLACE returns for his new solo show ‘Woven Trailsshowing in Gallery IV. And last but not least GOOPMASSTA Leader of the Pack in The Dog House Gallery.

Explore the virtual tour here:\

All exhibitions are on view at Thinkspace Projects now through August 26, 2023.

Virtual tour created by Birdman.

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