Walrus TV post feature with ARMSROCK…

ARMSROCK is featured in a new interview with Walrus TV that was just posted today. The streets are his canvas and the people that populate our cities his focus. His last words in the interview some up what he’s all about, “Make things, do something, creating something with your hands”. In a constant state of evolution, it’s always exciting to see what he’ll be coming up with next. Speaking of what’s next…

‘The End of the World Came and Went Without Mr. Jones Noticing a Single Thing’ opens this week at Andenken Gallery out in Denver and serves as a notebook on human folly and viciousness. A lumber-room of violence and power structures. A diagram of fear and disintegration. Reports on the end of the world as a continuous and very contemporary motion.

Opening Reception: Fri, March 6th at 7PM

Andenken Gallery (2990 Larimer St. in Denver, CO)

Keep tabs on the man here and look for his return to Los Angeles next March with Imminent Disaster at Thinkspace.

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