Wide Walls Interview with Laurence Vallieres

Wide Walls published an interview with artists Laurence Vallieres. We’re excited to have Vallieres as a featured installation artist at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art’s upcoming exhibition Juxtapozed. The exhibition is co-curated by Thinkspace Gallery, Gary Pressman of Copro Gallery, and Adjunct Curator of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Josef Zimmerman.

The exhibition is, “A continuation of Thinkspace’s mutually reinforced mission to garner institutional exposure and recognition for New Contemporary Art, its history, founders, key players, and artists, the exhibitions celebrate the impact of its most enduring media platforms, Juxtapoz Magazine, and the work of one of its most iconic trailblazers. Now widely considered the largest and longest running art movement in history, the New Contemporary Art Movement encompasses everything from Street Art and Muralism to Pop Surrealism and Hyperrealism.”

Visit Wide Wall’s website for the full interview with Laurence Vallieres.

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