www.sourharvest.com – new domain now launched!

Please reset your browsers / bookmarks to the above url.
Quick update:
All of the posts I put up on the new Sour Harvest site will also now populate over at my new blog on www.juxtapoz.com. You can check out my Juxtapoz based blog here and I’ll also be aiming to post a few Juxtapoz specific articles there each week.

In addition to that, I’ve also joined the writing team over at the amazing Arrested Motion. I’ll be contributing a good bit there in terms of articles/posts, but my focus will be a weekly recommended shows listing that will build off my LA centric one I do each week here on Sour Harvest. The Arrested Motion recommended listings post will aim to cover all the hot openings in many of the other major art centers around the world with a focus towards the new contemporary movement.

Sour Harvest – established 2004
Thank you all for the ongoing support!

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